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Coaching with David

I started coaching in 2011 and have worked with clients on a variety of topics. I’m known for helping business owners and operators implement improvements in their business, but I also work very closely with leaders to support them with the personal challenges that have to be addressed in order to function sustainably at a high level.

I typically work with clients on a long term coaching basis, there are always new challenges and aspirations so it works for them to have a consistent point of support from me that continually builds an understanding of their current situation and their future goals. Sometimes though, the coaching support can be short/medium term to suit the current goal or challenge they want to achieve, or could even be a single session to get over a specific challenge.

I’ve worked on all sorts of coaching topics over the years which gives me a broad range of experience and I’ve seen what works, and also what doesn’t. I can help you develop your plan and support you to navigate the journey to achieve it.

I have also completed formal certifications and training in coaching, business leadership and management, business quality management systems certifications and more (see my bio for more info).

In reality, coaching with me will, at times, include some consulting and training too. I’ll typically take a coaching approach to help you grow, to challenge you to find solutions within your own development, and to hold you accountable—but there might be times when you just need me to explain something, provide resources, or give you examples, etc.

I’ve helped people start a business, improve their business and systems, change careers, improve their performance at work, find out what their values are and align their work, support other coaches to develop their practice—plus work on everything around the edges and overcome the barriers you didn’t know were there.

I can:

  • provide an objective viewpoint on your situation. It’s hard to see things clearly and come up with options to improve when you’re too close to the challenge
  • help you set goals 
  • help you get a clear understanding of your starting point to build a solid plan on
  • help you come up with options and plans to achieve your goals
  • hold you accountable to what you’ve said you want to do
  • coach you through personal and business challenges
  • help you find your way and discover what you want next in business and life
  • support you when you are struggling
  • be someone who can listen without judgement, be someone you can be honest with, and hold you to be honest with yourself
  • help you to build your own sustainable motivation and discipline. I can help pick you up every now and then but learning to do it for yourself is more valuable
  • challenge you to find new levels of performance within yourself
  • build your self confidence and understand yourself better
  • help you build better business systems
  • teach you to see the waste in your business and personal processes and coach you to reduce it
  • help you perform better professionally
  • learn how to be kinder to yourself while keeping your aspirations alive
  • find value in all areas of your life, not just work
  • …and of course use my passion for lean, quality and operations to reduce the waste in your business and life and help you find the joy in what you do.

One thing I’ve learnt is there’s no quick fix and it takes time and effort to make change. Ideally, we will establish a minimum commitment of 6-12 months but lets talk and work out what is best for you. 

Book a strategy session and we can see if we are a good fit. If we are, we will work out together what your priority is to work on first, how often we want to meet and for how long. This allows you go at the right pace and budget for you.

There’s no obligation to work with me if you book a call, but it’s the best way to find out more and if this is the right approach for you. It will give me opportunity to meet you and hear about your plans and challenges. It will give you opportunity to ask questions on the process and allow you to get some insight into if you want to go ahead without having to sign up today.

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