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We couldn’t have done it without your help. Thanks to you for your work last week. Be sure that you will be at the front of our contact list for “help required”!
General Manager
Engineering business
Dave is very knowledgeable, understanding and values all perspectives. We have worked with each other and knows how to make me feel valued, and gives good advice on how to deal with difficult situations.
Coaching Client
Private client
All sessions with David are extremely educational, the way information is relayed takes into consideration the different levels of understanding all individuals within the training session have. David has a very flexible approach to any session we have, and understands, that within the core group of people in the training sessions, they still have day-to-day duties that may require urgent attention. Even though this has an immediate effect on the session, it doesn't affect the quality. I wouldn't be where I am today without the education and guidance David has provided
Consulting Client
Engineering business
Q: What did you like best about our services? A: The detail, price and speed.
Consulting Client
Engineering business
I have worked with David over the past six years whether on professional, personal development, new career paths, etc. Over these years I have always valued David’s trust to be able to open up with him about what my professional, personal goals are. Through David’s commitment, passion and driving force, he has helped me achieve my goals by understanding and defining my goals, producing a step by step guide on how to achieve these and challenging me to achieve more than I anticipated. I will continue to invest and work with David, as I am further developing and learning new ways of thinking, growing my network, to overcome barriers of self motivation, self achievement and self confidence.
Private Client
Engineering services business owner
David, is a charismatic, genuine coach and consultant. David is both creative and visionary in thinking. A keen eye for details, highly organised, effective and efficient at his job. His background in engineering has provided positive foundations for his work, David's attention to detail and systematic approach and process result in him providing a thorough service. David is also effective, efficient problem solver, highly organised and likeable.
Managing Director and Coach
Business Coach
David is a very dedicated person, capable of segmenting the problem and identifying the exact requirements and solutions for the client. He pays attention to the details and follows up on his clients beyond expectations.
Product Development Engineer
Engineering business
David is a consummate professional, always polite but always focussing on the task or problem at hand. Extremely thorough in everything he does and knowledgeable in his subject. He is also imaginative and can come up with creative and original solutions, he does not just cut and paste from a textbook or quality standard. I enjoyed working with David very much and above all, he is a great human being able to communicate with empathy and understanding of his colleagues issues.
Supplier Quality Engineer
Engineering business
We contracted David's services at short notice to facilitate a BSI surveillance audit at a time of significant business disruption. David initially conducted a Gap analysis allowing the site team to demonstrate compliance, or where necessary develop appropriate remedial action. During the audit David acted as facilitator contributing to the smooth running and successful outcome of the event. David possesses a wealth of experience in quality systems and quality tools which when combined with his calm methodical management style represent a real asset to any business.
Head of Engineering
Engineering business
Passionate, methodical, strong attention to detail and driven professional. I have had the pleasure with working with David both as a work colleague and as a mentor for many years, whether working on engineering projects or seeking guidance for professional development. Above all, I am impressed with David's strong attention to detail, problem solving, keeping the work team focused to achieve goals on work projects, as well as his approach through using different coaching methods for professional development.
Private Client
Personal - David is very approachable, easy to talk to and get on with. He is a person you can talk to about a problem and during the conversation, solution to the problem will be established. Professional - Very driven to achieve remarkable improvement for his clients in all his areas of expertise. You wont be disappointed with his work. David possesses a wealth of experience in quality systems and quality tools which when combined with his calm methodical management style represent a real asset to any business.
Engineering Project Leader
Engineering business
Since I was 17 I had always wanted to progress within the health and social care sector and in particular work within the NHS, however I always struggled with confidence and this affected my ability to perform well on application forms and interviews. I did manage to secure a junior management post for a domiciliary care provider, however after two years I had to leave due to stress and this affected my motivation to work in a health and social care position again. I then started working in a call centre on minimum wage, with no real goal for progression. I felt I had to give up and felt this was all I was good for. After three years I decided to seek help to build on my confidence and motivation when a position for a Nursing Assistant arose within the NHS. I decided to use David Ridley as he came across as very professional and very willing to help. David took great care in looking at the application and what he believed they would want to see. After submitting my application, I was then invited to an interview a few weeks later. David helped me prepare for interview from every fine detail from what to wear to how to answer the employers questions. On the same day as the interview I was offered the job and after two years have progressed onto a seconded position in the NHS to go to university to become a nursing associate, again with David help and expertise. I could not recommend David enough and I am firmly with the view that going from a minimum wage job to a position at university within the space of two years could not have been achieved without his support.
Private Client
Health and social care

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